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Child Sponsorship: Meet Trevor

Aged 7 from the United Stated Trevor's dream job is to be a veternarian.

More than 318 million people live in the united states where Bairon is from, and only 3 out of 10 fourth graders are proficient in reading, a statistic we hope we will be able to help contribute to and change. Childhood obesity is also a common issue with 2 of 10 children suffering due to lack of education about nutrition or healthier alternatives not being available, alng side the fact that 1 in 4 children live in poverty.


Sponsoring Bairon means an expanded curriculum in science & math to support him from kindergarten through 6th grade to stay on track developmentally and grow as a reader & learner. We can expose him to healthier ways of living through activity, nutrition lessons and balanced food choices so he can be healthy and active in both learning and life.

Our sponsorships continue to give children a healthy start & the opportunity to learn, protecting them from harm along the way.

“When the lives and the rights of children are at stake, there must be no silent witnesses.” ⁠


Remember you can make your own donation at checkout, or rest assured knowing that a purchase of any of our products on any platform contributes toward all our global efforts. As we donate a percentage of EVERY sale to our CSR projects. Thank you.

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