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Donating Chickens

We're EGG-STATIC to tell you that we've donated Chickens to a family in need, suffering food poverty. As hardship hit many globaly in 2020, we hope our donation will ease the feeling of food insecurity for the families who will benefit from this gift.  ⁠

These domestic animals are low maintenance and each one can lay over 200 eggs a year, providing families with essential protein in their diet.⁠

Surplus eggs can be sold to pay for schooling, clothes and medicine.⁠

Chickens can give a family food and generate a healthy income. The chicken provides eggs which can be consumed or sold in the market.⁠

A chicken could enable someone to set up a business and earn money to buy nutritious food for their family.⁠

Remember, every purchase of Vita Sharks products contributes to our global CSR efforts, and you can always make an extra donation at the checkout page, of which 100% will be allocated directly to our global CSR projects. Together we can change the world.



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