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Pakistan Flooding Emergency

Millions of people have been forced to drink flood water, risking large-scale outbreaks of deadly diseases in Pakistan following the severe flooding causing widespread destruction, leaving over 1,000 people dead, over 1,500 injured and at least 33 million people affected.

Months of heavy rains left people stranded and without access to clean water creating a severe risk of diarrhoea and dysentery.

“Families are now living on the banks of overflowed canals and rivers in ramshackle huts made of bamboo and plastic. They have even been drinking flood water because there is no other option – a recipe for large-scale disease outbreaks. We are doing all we can to reach them,” - Arif Jabbar Khan, director of WaterAid Pakistan

Of Pakistan’s 154 districts, 116 have been affected by the floods, caused by heavy monsoon rains that started in mid-July.

"We have directly donated 40,000L of clean drinking water, transported to communities for collection at designated spots, in direct response to the current emergency situation." - Founder, VSH Corporation.

With roads and access points completely flooded, food and other supplies are dwindling. There is a dire need for adequate water and sanitation in order to prevent the widespread outbreak of disease. An increase of vector-borne diseases, such as dengue and malaria, are expected, diseases which which Pakistan has already been grappling with.

Sacred Remedy, a VSH Corporation brand, is commited to donating a portion of all profits to global relief efforts and will continue to support the Pakistan flood emergency appeal as the situation continues to unfold as many people made homeless will be displaced for life.

“People’s homes, agricultural land, and livestock have been destroyed in the floods. There isn’t any food security either, so they need dry food such as chickpeas, biscuits, powdered milk, and dates, besides portable water purification tablets.” - Umair, the founder of the Pakistan Public Health Forum.

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