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Project VITAwater (04.20 Update)

Access to safe drinking water can transform lives. A tube well will ensure that local needing families have access to clean water for drinking, washing and cooking. The wells are located in convenient locations, often between a cluster of houses.

In line with our initial project VITAwater pledge to begin the construction of two more clean water well hand pumps for the second half of 2020; amidst the global coronavirus crisis, we have reviewed this pledge, and are pleased to announce that we have now proceeded to instruct the construction on a further six water wells.

With completion aimed for Fall / Winter 2020, all going smoothly, we will end the year having constructed a total of 8 clean water well hand pumps for this year, exceeding our initial goal by 100%. Double our goal for 2020.

Tube wells are manually operated and can lift water from about 30 metres beneath the ground. They are designed to last at least 10 years and can be easily maintained by the beneficiary.

A well can take up to 6-9 months to complete as in some locations they can only be constructed during certain times of year. We will update our CSR Blog posts as we further progress with, and complete our initiative.



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