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The Gift of Education

Zubair is a 14 year old boy, born in Pakistan, living in Bagh. Bagh is one of the ten districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. An area close to our hearts.

His late father died of an electric shock in 2007, leaving him & 3 siblings. His mother mumtaza couldnt afford to educate him, and future looked bleak.

So, Vita Sharks stepped in. We were proud today, to receive his first school report from year 7. He may not yet be top of the class but he’s getting there, and we wholeheartedly believe he will. We were very impressed with some promising results for certain subjects like English & History. Beyond it all, and most importantly, he’s getting the education he deserves which many of us take for granted, and is working toward a better future for him and his family.

School infrastructure is a major problem in all of Kashmir. Access to schools, schools being far away is also a reason why there are fewer enrollments, especially after completing primary school.


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