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Why Child Sponsorship?

We are commited to child sponsorship, and here's why.

  • Because we believe that every child deserves a brighter future
  • In this digital era, they deserve the exciting opportunity to write and recieve a message from a far-away friend so they are emotionally supported and dont feel alone. (Most children have never received a piece of mail in their entire lives!)
  • To help provide safe and friendly places to learn and play
  • Commited and continued support and invesrment in their community, for children living in volatile and far from stable family / life dynamics
  • Providing change and education, that lasts a lifetime

Remember you can make your own donation at checkout, or rest assured knowing that a purchase of any of our products on any platform contributes toward all our global efforts. As we donate a percentage of EVERY sale to our CSR projects. Thank you.

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