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Do you need health supplements?

You're probably reading this because you're deciding whether you should be taking any supplements, or whether you need to be taking any at all.

It is probably best first to understand what the word supplement means. It is defined as something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. When you think of this in terms of nutritional supplements, they are meant to enhance your health. Quite simply, nutritional supplements are just what the name suggests; supplementary.

In a perfect world, imagine you get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and eat all your fruits and vegetables. Why does your body need supplements? You have all the vitamins and nutrients you need, right? Wrong. Nor can we make up for poor dietary habits, a negative attitude, a lack of exercise and poor sleep by taking pills -  whether the pills are drugs or nutritional supplements. The reality is, is that even when we’re very conscientious about eating a well balanced diet, we can often fall short of the mark nutritionally. 

90% of people don't get the recommended amount of important nutrients from food alone. Most of us fail to meet dietary recommendations due to strict dieting, poor appetite, or changing nutritional needs. Yes, technically, a whole foods diet should provide us with all the goodies that we need for optimum health, but unfortunately, there’s a whole host of modern day environmental and lifestyle issues that make it much harder than it was for our ancestors. Supplementation is intended to bridge the nutritional gap, so that we maintain the proper balance of nutrients from food and supplementation. This will enhance the nutrient density of your diet and make sure you are obtaining the right amount of nutrients tailored to your dietary needs.

As you age, malabsorption becomes a problem because your body doesn’t have the same capability to break down and absorb nutrients as it used to. The production of digestive enzymes, which breaks down and absorbs nutrients from your food, naturally begins to decline the older you get. You may also be taking more medications than you did when you were younger. Most modern medications actually deplete essential nutrients. Supplements can help restore this imbalance.

At sacred remedy we love the extra energy that vitamins, minerals and other supplements provide when working out. We never take stimulants, nor do we sell them, only supplements, and we are firm believers in taking a base supplementation regime every day. Many nutritional supplements have been proven to prevent or aid in the treatment of health conditions like high cholesterol, arthritis, birth defects, and cancer.


Did you know?

Smoking and drinking alcohol: Depletes the quantity of vitamin C in the body. Smokers generally need twice as much vitamin C intake as non-smokers to maintain comparable blood levels.

Drinking coffee:  A cup of coffee can cut your iron absorption to 1/3 of normal.

Taking pharmaceutical drugs - Aspirin increases the need for vitamin C. Paracetamol increases the need for antioxidants, like vitamins C, and E and selenium. Antibiotics increase the need for B vitamins and probiotics (beneficial bacteria) Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and birth control pills increase the need for vitamins B6, B12, folic acid and zinc.


The most common question we get asked is;

“What supplements do you take every day?”

When training we may need to add a few things to the mix, but every day, this is what we generally take:

  • Comprehensive Multivitamin in capsule form
  • Vitamin C
  • Super Critical Omega high potency fish oil capsule (Krill Oil)
  • Vitamin D3
  • VitaNourish Shake


Here are 10 reasons why you should take supplements daily:

  1. Our food source isn’t as whole as it once was, and our daily requirement for fruits and veggies has doubled in the past 15yrs.
  2. Supplements are a natural way of boosting your immune system and a cost effective way of keeping yourself healthy.
  3. Supplementation helps to transport and feed your muscles. It also helps to counter any minor or major deficiencies you may have. A common one being Vitamin D due to lack of sunlight and overuse of sunscreen.
  4. They keep your body and hormones balanced.
  5. Supplementation provides anti-oxidants (like vitamins A,C and E) that we can’t get 100% from food.
  6. Most medications deplete essential nutrients and in this age of pharmaceutical drugs, supplements help to restore balance.
  7. Supplementation may aid in preventing some health issues like high cholesterol.
  8. Supplements are generally in a form that is easy for your body to absorb and utilize.
  9. They help with oxidative stress.
  10. Supplementation, diet and exercise are the fountain of youth…take it from us!


DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not intended to fix, diagnose or treat any pre-dispositions or dysfunctions in personal health, and not a substitute for professional medical advice. It is merely an informative approach to supplements and exercise. Supplements are to be take with a varied and balance diet and active lifestyle. Always follow what your general practitioner has prescribed to you as well as following a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, you should always consult a qualified health professional first to avoid any drug-nutrient conflicts and avoid supplements with sweeteners, colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers. Children should always take supplement formulas designed for their age and needs too.


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