Black Gold Shilajit Liquid Drops [30ml]

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  • Black Gold Shilajit Liquid Drops [30ml]

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    Reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and increases energy stability. Mens Health Support.

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    100% Purified Shilajit

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    Product Information:

    • Premium fulvic acid & trace mineral food supplement. 100% Pure Extract; No fillers, No Binders, No Flow Agents. You can trust Black Gold Himalayan Shilajit, slightly higher in price than others on the market, because it is harvested ONLY at altitudes of 16,000ft or more in the HIMALAYAN mountains (Unlike cheaper alternatives which are from Siberia or Bhutan).
    • Our product is so pure and potent you only need 2-3 drops daily and you'll start to feel the effects by the end of the week if not sooner! Just dissolve it in lukewarm water, milk, tea, or any other beverage, stir, and consume. It can also be taken directly under the tongue for superior sublingual absorption.
    • We do not use any fire / burn extraction methods to eliminate the risk of ash / debris, this method of purification involves a non-alcoholic extraction & filtration process, so you can be sure the end product is as pure as it can be. Unlike other brands Black Gold Shilajit isn't watered down & you see this in the consistency of the liquid. Ours will always be dark, thick & somewhat gloopy, not light coloured & watery. You'll see & feel the quality immediately.
    • Any authentic pure shilajit is dark almost black, gloopy, and quite sticky. Black Gold contains no heavy metals, fillers, or additives and is vegan-friendly. Essential for Men: Shilajit is renowned for its myriad advantages in men's well-being. It plays an improtant role in stamina, strength and energy levels.
    • So dont compromise the potency, quality, efficacy or safety of the product just to save a few quid! If there is one thing you should invest in, it should be yourself and your health! Its many benefits speak for themselves, and you deserve to experience them. A routine of daily use for 2 months, followed by a 2-week break is recommended. Shilajit dissolves in warm water but has a strong taste so herbal tea may be preferred.

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