Chakra Engraved Selenite Wand

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  • Chakra Engraved Selenite Wand


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    Key Information & Uses

    Cleansing, Grounding, Clearing Energy Blocks, Spiritual Connection

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    Natural Selenite Gem Stone

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    About this item

    Selenite is a glowy, ethereal-looking stone that helps clear out low or stagnant energy and bring in high vibes. Enhance Positive Energy with this beautiful piece. A perfect gift for the wellness, spiritual, metaphysical Crystal collector / lover among you. This powerful selenite stick has been hand engraved with all 7 chakra symbols.

    Wand: used to cleanse the aura, move stagnant energy, and encourage flow

    Keep a selenite wand by the front door to cleanse energy as you walk in.

    Use selenite to amplify the energy of other crystals. Selenite towers amplify energy, so if you put a selenite tower near other crystals, expect a huge increase.

    White is the most common color of selenite, but it can be found in gold, peach, and rose hues. White: used for clearing, cleansing, and communication with higher realms

    Enhances Powers of Manifestation. Promotes peace and calm. Provides clarity. Helps you access your intuition. Enhance meditation practice.

    Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum that’s mostly commonly found in the form of a translucent, multifaceted stone. It’s formed when sulfate and calcium-rich saltwater evaporates, and it has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale.

    It can also be used around your home to renew energy and remove any toxic buildup.

    Selenite is associated with the crown chakra, which has to do with:

    • higher consciousness
    • manifestation
    • creative energy

    Place it anywhere you need to radiate positive energy and cleanse the negative vibes. For peace, power & protection. Keep peaceful: the selenite crystal stick is nice to cleanse other crystals that have bad or blocked energy. Unlike other metaphysical stones, you will never have to recharge or cleanse your Selenite crystal because it does that by itself. Works with the crown chakra and third eye & encourages communication with the angel realms.

    The spiritual meaning of Selenite is rejuvenation and divine feminine energy. It symbolizes the angelic realms and allows us to communicate with angelic beings. Known as the goddess stone its Named after the Greek goddess of the moon.

    It’s one of the most powerful crystals in the universe.

    Cleansing is necessary even for selenite. To cleanse your selenite:

    • Use a smudge stick and pass the crystal through the smoke.
    • Place your crystal in a bowl of dry salt.
    • Use sound vibrations from a singing bowl or bell.
    • Place your crystal in sunlight for a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • Place it in moonlight overnight.

    After cleansing, it’s time to recharge your crystal. You can use a crystal charging plate or place your crystal under the sun or moonlight to soak up additional energy.

    The final step is activating your selenite. We suggest the following steps:

    Hold your selenite in your hand, imagining a white light surrounding it. Inhale and exhale deeply. Repeat an affirmation out loud or in your head about what you want to manifest. Then use your selenite as desired. Possible affirmations include “I am connected” or “My energy is high vibration and moving freely,”

    Vibrates at a very high frequency. Elevates the spirit. Clears blocked energy. An effective space cleanser. Promotes connection and camaraderie.

    Selenite can help with mental clarity, relationships, aura cleansing & promoting honesty. Natural Crystals have been used for thousands of years for physical adornment, healing & protection. They can be worn as jewelry to help maintain balance & focus as well as for physical & emotional stability. Can also be an amazing stone for shifting through energy blocks, bringing peace & purity to one’s head & heart, & generally just ensuring that you stay protected and connected to the world around you.

    Boost mental clarity and open the door to your intuition.

    Use selenite to cleanse:

    • your energy
    • your home
    • your belongings
    • other crystals

    Selenite is known by a number of other names including: satin spar - desert rose - gypsum flower - butterfly selenite or golden phantom (a yellow-hued variety) - disodium selenite

    However you choose to use selenite — or any other crystal for that matter — it’s important to do your research and buy from an ethical source and avoid fakes. “Always allow yourself to be drawn intuitively to the stockist and the crystal. Let your soul steer you to the crystal it needs right now,”

    From a healing perspective, it has the capacity to calm the mind, to bring the soul to peace, and to bring clarity to those who need it...

    Selenite carries the imprint of all that has happened in this world, It’s also believed to have been used to keep evil spirits out of sickrooms… priests would crush it into a paste to paint onto the doors of a house if someone was ill.

    There are many ways to use selenite, including:

    • meditating while holding it
    • wearing it
    • placing it over the chakras
    • using it to cleanse other crystals

    It can be particularly helpful when you just feel stuck or tired for no reason. "Even simply looking at it can clear you out," Since selenite is so closely associated with focus and clearer thoughts, we recommend that you keep it on your desk or in your office to avoid any mental slumps during the workday.

    Selenite Really Is The “Magic Wand” Of The Crystal World

    Also referred to as "liquid light" among crystal connoisseurs, selenite is a white or clear stone known for its powerful healing and energizing properties. It's actually one of the few crystals believed to be able to cleanse other crystals and is named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene, thus associating it with lunar cycles and the divine feminine.

    16 cm (Point one End) 7 Chakra Engravings. Treated by Moroccan artisans. Popular for those who want to conduct energy. Made to help open up to higher frequencies & messages from the universe. Along with strengthening the skeletal system, the light bringing moods of Selenite also works to reverse free radical damage in cell structure and can keep your skin, hair, and eyes clear and bright and drenched in youthful dewy energy.

    So, whether you want to cleanse your home, clear your mind, or just reset after a long day, selenite may give you the boost you need.

    Just be careful you don't get it wet or handle it too roughly, as all-purpose as selenite may be, it's actually pretty fragile and prone to flaking off if you don't take care of it.

    As to why it often comes in the shape of a wand, that's just a result of nature. Selenite, in its natural form, almost looks like a tree trunk. The wand shape is one of the most natural ways of splitting it.

    Besides, let's be honest, wands have always been cool.


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