Five for Her Bath Dust

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  • Five for Her Bath Dust

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    Key Information

    Run a nice, warm bath and simply add a small scoop of bath dust to watch the magic happen. If you want more, just keep adding it till you have the perfect amount of bubbles. And that's it!

    Diet & Allergy Information

    Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes but should this happen rinse thoroughly with clean water. If skin sensation occurs discontinue use and rinse well. Each Bath Dust is made from a mixture of Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate, to soften the water, with a blend of Shea Butter. Although we've had no reported irritations, limit your first use within the bath to fifteen minutes. If irritation occurs, rinse well. If not, you're good to go!

    Ingredients / Materials Used

    Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, CI 16255, CI 19140

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    Product Information:

    Step into the ultimate luxury of relaxation with Five for Her Bath Dust. Experience the timeless art of relaxation with our powdered Bath Bomb Dust. Just sprinkle a desired amount into a warm bath and indulge in the magic. Redefine your bath time with this exceptional product.

    It's like a bath bomb in that fizzes and turns your bath water beautiful colours (but wont stain your tub!).

    Indulge in a sensory experience with vibrant fragrances that contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to gently caress your skin. Plus, Shea Butter leaves your skin soft and supple. Like a bath bomb but more fun! Tip as much or as little as you like in the bath & watch as it turns into a magical experience. An ode to pleasure and playfulness. It's more than a product; it's a promise – a promise of rejuvenation, sanctuary, and embracing relaxation like never before.

    LUXURIOUS EXPERIENCE: This vibrant pink bath dust fizzes and fills your tub with soothing bubbles for an indulgent and relaxing soak. Indulge your senses with this luxurious 'Five For Her' Magic Bubble Bath Dust. Infused with shea butter, this vibrant pink & yellow powder transforms your bath into a whimsical, relaxing oasis.

    NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with shea butter and essential oils like lavender, this formula pampers skin with moisture without harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to tension and welcome calm as the shea butter moisturizes your skin. Choose from a range of vibrant fragrances, each a testament to our dedication to sensory pleasure. But it doesn't stop there – these fragrant particles don't just scent the air. They contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, working together to gently caress your skin. And let's not forget the indulgence of Shea Butter, leaving your skin soft and supple. 

    MAGICAL FIZZ: Simply add under running water and watch as the dust dissolves into a cloud of soft bubbles that surround and calm the body and mind. Simply sprinkle the dust into warm running water and watch as it dissolves to release soothing scents and create a thick layer of colourful water & bubbles. Swirls of color will surround you as you soak, transporting you to a magical world far from your daily stresses – a powdered rendition of the classic bath bomb experience. Sprinkle a desired amount into a warm bath, and witness the magic unfold. 

    NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Free of dyes and preservatives, it uses natural pigments and luxurious butters and oils for a soothing experience. This isn't just a product; it's an invitation to indulge in the timeless art of relaxation. It's more than a product; it's a promise – a promise of rejuvenation, sanctuary, and embracing relaxation like never before. 

    LONG LASTING: The 190g package provides enough product to create generous fizz and bubble coverage that won't dissipate too quickly, allowing for a truly indulgent and stress-relieving bath. With its playful presentation and ability to turn any bath into a special occasion, this dust is perfect for pampering yourself or gifting to loved ones. One bag will provide many relaxing baths to recharge both body and mind. 

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