Full Rim, Rectangle Eye Glasses | Black & White

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  • Full Rim, Rectangle Eye Glasses | Black & White

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    Frame Weight: 23.6g | Spring Hinge | Full Rim | Acetate | Rectangle

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    About this item

    Lightweight Elegance: Black & White Full Rim Rectangle Eyeglasses

    Introducing the perfect accessory for those looking to make a statement! Experience timeless style and modern comfort with these Black & White Full Rim Rectangle Eyeglasses. Crafted from premium acetate, these glasses boast a lightweight design (only 23.6g!) that ensures comfortable wear all day long.

    Here's what elevates these eyeglasses:

    • Classic Black & White: This versatile color combination complements any outfit and adds a touch of sophistication. Our modern art-inspired eyewear offers beautiful designer styles that are sure to turn heads. With bold colors, contemporary designs, and a touch of flair, these glasses are the ideal way to show off your creative side!
    • Full Rim Design: Provides a polished look and a sturdy frame for your lenses.
    • Rectangular Shape: Flatters a variety of face shapes, particularly round or oval faces.
    • Lightweight Comfort: Crafted from high-quality acetate, these glasses are surprisingly lightweight, minimizing pressure on your nose and ears.
    • Spring Hinges: Offer a flexible and comfortable fit, preventing strain and potential breakage. Superb Quality, Italian / Parisian Style Excellence, Black and White Coloured Frames!

    These Black & White Full Rim Rectangle Eyeglasses are ideal for:

    • Individuals seeking a timeless and sophisticated eyewear look.
    • Those who prioritize comfort and lightweight design in their glasses.
    • People with round or oval face shapes looking for a flattering frame style.
    • Anyone who appreciates high-quality acetate construction.
    • Professionals seeking a polished and elegant look for work or everyday wear.

    Let your personality shine through with these one-of-a-kind glasses! Show the world you’re stylish and confident with your own individual look. And don't worry about your prescriptions—take them down to any optician to have lenses installed, and you'll be ready to rock the world! 

    Beautiful designer eyewear that looks like modern art with bold colours and contemporary design. The designer craftsmanship, lush colors, and modern art aesthetic lend a serene sophistication to any look. Enjoy the artistry and luxury of this beautiful eyewear.

    Express your personality and own your idividuality with these stunning glasses. Take them down to any opticians to have your prescription lenses installed and look amazing!

    See the world in a new way - without prescriptions! This frame comes fully loaded with non-prescription lenses, so you don't need to worry about a thing - well, except how awesome you'll look!

    No cleaning cloth included, but you'll be sparkling brighter than one in no time.

    ~No prescription needed!~

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