Golden Dragon Himalayan Shilajit [30ml]

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  • Golden Dragon Himalayan Shilajit [30ml]

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    Reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and increases energy stability. Mens Health Support.

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    100% Purified Shilajit

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    Product Information:

    • Boost your energy and vitality with Golden Dragon Shilajit! Made from a mineral-rich resin found in the Himalayas, this Natural Energy Booster can improve your overall well-being and stamina. Upgrade your Ayurvedic Wellness & daily routine with this pure and potent Mineral-Rich Resin!
    • This Ayurvedic substance has been used for centuries for its numerous benefits. With our convenient travel size 30ml bottle, experience maximum benefits wherever you go.
    • Unlike cheaper alternatives, Golden Dragon Shilajit is tested against heavy metals, vapourised & extracted with nothing other than purified water & no other elements, to ensure a safe and pure product. Golden Dragon Shilajit is a plant-based mineral complex that is known to have over 85 different minerals and trace elements in an ionic and bioavailable form. Shilajit also contains fulvic acid, which significantly helps to deliver these nutrients to the body where it is needed the most.
    • Simply add this liquid resin to food / drink. Each 30ml bottle contains outstanding, potent & pure shilajit, in a convenient travel sized bottle to take on with you anywhere. Pesticide Free. GMO-Free. Helps the body's absorption of vital minerals and nutrients, plus powerful antioxidants to protect against free radicals, an easy way to boost your daily routine. Just a few drops under the tongue or mixed in water or your favourite drink, can give you all the incredible effects of shilajit.
    • Recommended dosage of 150-900mg per day, depending on age and health. From supporting your energy, endurance, immune system, and healthy ageing to helping you reach your peak health, wellness, stamina and fitness goals.

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