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    Breathable, Shock Absorbing, Full Frontal Zip

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    Genuine Leather

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    Product Information:

    Unlike other types of shoes, like court shoes, high heels and brogues, you don’t have to wear them in. Like walking on clouds from the moment you try them on. Say goodbye to pinching at the toes, rubbing on the back of the heel and any other pain points. Say hello to relaxation, relief and pleasure with the lightweight feel of our Harmony Sneakers.

    Easy-to-wear sneakers with perforated detail. Ideal for summer - one of the only full zip breathable sneakers on the market, to make it easy for you to put them on and take them off. Shoes that smell like funky cheese definitely aren’t going to make you popular. That’s why it’s important to let your feet breathe.

    The Boston Journal referred to sneakers as the word used at the time by boys to describe tennis shoes, noting how quiet the soles were on the surface.

        The Harmony sneakers are breathable and have superior foot support and weight disbursement to ensure a comfortable all day fit. These are also great value for money, especially as you won’t have to replace your trainers so often (unless you’re a sneaker addict).

        Absorbing shock, and adding stability, these are ideal for everyday use, and the fast zip system makes them your ideal gym sneakers for that yoga class this summer! One of the main benefits of our sneakers is that they provide support for your feet while you do a range of activities. Being able to walk, run, and jump without worrying about getting injured is one of the things that makes the Harmony Sneaker such a popular choice.

        Genuine Leather Breathable Material Shock Absorbing

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