Heart Shape Rose Quartz Pendant

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  • Heart Shape Rose Quartz Pendant

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    Natural Rose Quartz - Approx Size: 15-20mm (As these are made from a natural crystal, the size may vary slightly by a millimeter)

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    Representing unconditional love and femininity, this standout Heart Pendant is a large Rose Quartz stone carefully crafted into a heart shape. The kind of piece that feels both  glamorous and elevated. Whether you're marking a big milestone, looking for something for the big day or simply treating yourself or another, this one will capture your heart.

    This heart shaped pendant is made from Rose Quartz crystal. It is very lightweight, easy and comfortable to wear with a chain, a silver clasp is attached to the very top of the pendant.

    Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals along with amethyst and clear quartz. It has a calming and soothing energy. It promotes self-love and helps overcome feelings of not being 'good' enough, self-criticism and resentment. It reminds us that when you love yourself and are happy in the moment there is no need for haste. Rose quartz embraces the one true currency of life, love.

    The pendant itself has been neatly carved and the outside is completely smooth. Rose Quartz is a pink crystal that can have lots of colour and character to it. The rose quartz used in the pendants are mainly quite a light pink; very occasionally there are some that can be a darker opaque colour. Country of Origin: The Rose Quartz used in these pendants is sourced from Brazil.

    ***Please Note: This pendant does not come with a chain.***

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