Khaleesi Ritual Oil

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  • Khaleesi Ritual Oil

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    Key Information & Uses

    Connect with your womb & divine feminine energy

    Diet, Allergy & Safety Info

    Vegan, Organic - To the pregnant Mamma's out there - while our essential oil blends are diluted and for external use only, it's always a good idea to consult with your doctor before using them. For external use, keep out of reach of children and *pets. Should any irritation occur, stop use and wash with soap and water.
    *Essential oils can be extremely toxic to pets

    Ingredients / Materials Used

    Palmarosa, geranium, lavender, sage, bergamot, nettle, hawthrone berries, shepards purse, mica(coloring) & grapeseed oil

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    About this item

    Unleash Your Inner Khaleesi: Empowering Ritual Oil for the Modern Queen

    Embrace your strength and femininity with Khaleesi Ritual Oil! Inspired by the Mother of Dragons, this handcrafted oil blend is designed to awaken your inner power and connect you with your divine feminine energy.

    A calming aid in connecting to your womb and the divine feminine, promoting the empowerment of the feminine body. Cleanses sacral chakra imbalances, gently soothes.

    How to Use: Apply to palms and rub on arms in upward motion.

    Dominant Scent: light sweet 

    Reiki charged on the Full Moon for added power

    Awaken Your Power:

    • Uplifting Aromatherapy: A blend of essential oils invigorates the senses and promotes feelings of confidence and self-belief.
    • Sacral Chakra Support: Formulated with specific ingredients to balance and energize the sacral chakra, associated with creativity, passion, and personal power.
    • Manifestation Magic: Ritualistic application paired with positive intentions can help you focus and manifest your desires.

    All oils are made with natural flowers, herbs, crystals & essential oils, that were Reiki charged on the Full Moon for added healing power. Hand Poured Fresh Blend into 1oz Glass Bottles.

    Elevate your self care ritual and practices

    The Ritual oils are not as emollient as the Body Oils, they are much lighter and meant to be a part of the moment each day that you take a moment to cleanse or manifest.

    To begin using oils in your every day life, put a few drops of an oil on your skin, stone, in a bath, oil burner, or diffuser. Oils are great for many uses, and such oils have been used by shamans, healers, and herbalists for centuries for a plethora of purposes. Use our oils to anoint your candles for candle magick, or fill an oil locket with our essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Choose from our selection of carefully crafted, hand blended oils for both ritual and magical use.

    Nurture Your Femininity:

    • Luxurious Botanical Blend: Natural oils and extracts nourish and pamper your skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. The oil will often arrive to you still containing the loose herbs, flowers, roots, and other materials in the bottle, which you can choose to strain out or keep in the bottle to continue to infuse it. Each of these oils is handcrafted intuitively and empathically using aromatic compounds, herbs, roots, stones, and other materials associated with the oil's intention.
    • Calming Ritual: The act of applying the oil with intention can create a moment of self-care and relaxation.
    • Moonlit Energy: Reiki-charged under the full moon for an extra touch of mystical power.

    Anointing oil holds all the energies of the oils, plants, roots, and stones it contains. The ingredients are what hold the oil’s intent, which is why there are different oil recipes for love, money, clarity, psychic connections, and so much more.

    You could also refer to the energy of the ingredients as the soul or spirit of the plants, stones, and essential oils. And these spirits help you to tap into your specific intentions.

    That’s also why it’s important to use all essential oils, herbs, flowers, and stones with the utmost respect for the spirits involved. Think of your ritual oil ingredients as gifts from Mother Earth. This kind of gratitude does wonders for manifestation and magic.

    Still — YOUR intention is going to be the strongest ingredient in your ritual oil.

    Khaleesi Ritual Oil is perfect for:

    • Women seeking to connect with their inner strength and confidence.
    • Individuals who value self-care rituals and practices.
    • Those interested in natural aromatherapy and chakra balancing.
    • Fans of Game of Thrones and the powerful Khaleesi!


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