Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

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  • Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

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    Pearl stone instills in its wearer positivity and courage and makes its wearer emotionally accessible, kind, and psychologically healthy. It also instills the 'desire to travel and explore' in its wearer. It is said that Pearl gemstone benefits people who are depressed, mentally disturbed or emotionally unavailable.

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    Ingredients / Materials Used

    Natural Pearls

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    Product Information:

    Let your mind drift away to a dreamlike state; these stolen moments speak to our souls. The "Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet" will shine through the hardest of times, representing ultimate motivation and beauty, inspiring us to do more with each day. Put each aspect of your life into a shell guarded by delicate Pearl stones and mighty Evil Eye, and rest assured that it will blossom and emerge from the depths.

    • 5 x 7 mm Evil Eye Charm: deflect negativity.
    • 4 mm Pearl Stones: beauty, intuition, imagination, foresight.
    • CZ Bead.
    • 18 K Gold Plated Brass.
    • Stretch Bracelet.
    • Size: 6.5" to 8".
    • Culture: handmade in India.

    authentic natural gemstones    fair trade product    blessed by singing bowl    reiki energy infused

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