Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display & Adjustable Resistance

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  • Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display & Adjustable Resistance

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    Key Information

    Stroke Rehabilitation; Movement; Exercise; Physiotherapy

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    Metal & Plastic

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    Product Information:

    Ideal to use in stroke rehabilitation. Using this device a few times a day helps to build muscle and recover muscle memory.

    If hands are weak, we would recommend beginning by strapping them to the cycle pedals and placing the machine on a table, and gain assisted movement motions to encourage muscle memory recall and support recovery of movement. Same for legs. Begin with 50 reps, slowly incresing to at least 500 per day. these can be broken down into chunks.

    We have seen amazing results with such machines and stroke survivors, so please do get in touch if you want to discuss anything further. We would be happy to email or give you call back.

    Gain back your muscle. Gain back your independence.

    • For low impact rehabilitation & exercise
    • Great for non-weight bearing exercise
    • Use from seated position
    • Adjustable resistance
    • Incorporates an integral on-board computer
    • Shows exercise time duration, calories & cycles
    • Folds easily for storage
    • Pedals come complete with toe straps






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