Rainbow Nylon Keyring

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  • Rainbow Nylon Keyring

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    10% of the sale of this item will benefit LGBT charities

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    Nylon & Metal

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    This keyring is perfect for your favourite bunch of keys or just wearing on your jeans as a fashion statement! Perfect for adding some colour to your set of keys or attaching to a bag zip.

    Perfect for marriage, wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, Valentine's Day, pride month, pride parade, carnival, festival, fundraising events or daily wear.

    The Rainbow Flag, commonly known as the Gay Pride Flag or LGBT Pride Flag, is a symbol of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements. This keychain will be a reminder that all people deserve equal rights - no matter who they are, or who they love.

    What better way to celebrate friendship and love than with a rainbow pride keychain! LOVE IS LOVE! - Be the way you are! Love who you like! Show your colorful variety! Lesbians are way less likely than straight women to carry purses around, but women’s jeans don’t allow much pocket room for a bundle of keys. A ring of keys presents an elegant solution.

    The “ring of keys” on her belt, look to the waistbands of any modern-day gaggle of queer women, and you’re liable to find a critical mass of jingling metal attached. The beltside key ring is one of the most enduring sartorial symbols of lesbian culture, one of the few stereotypes of our kind that’s both inoffensive and true.


    great gift idea    benefits lgbtq+ charities    gender fluid style   

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