Red Love [Spell Candles]

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  • Red Love [Spell Candles]

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    Box of 10. Size of one candle: 12.5x1cm

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    Ingredients / Materials Used

    Paraffin Wax

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    Product Information:

    Red candles are often used in rituals and ceremonies related to love and lust. This colour is also associated with passion, strength, energy and is associated with the root chakra.

    Red ritual candles can be used to manifest love, lust, passion, as well as to heal problems related to sexuality, relationships and intimacy.

    Pack of 10 red spell candles for use with rituals to attract love, sex and vitality. A red candle is used to represent the element of fire. It is common in spells to maintain health, increase strength, promote passion, or employ defensive magic.

    Candle magic is white magic and is not to be used in an unsavoury manner, which is why in the Wiccan religion there Rede is "An harm to none do what thou wilt".

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