Reflective Small Animal Collar

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  • Reflective Small Animal Collar

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    Reflective collars can also pick up car headlights and other sources of light that can allow people to see your pet and avoid a deadly accident.

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    Product Information:

    Cats love to wander the streets at night. Unfortunately, unlike cats, cars don't have night vision, which is why it's important to get a collar made of reflective material that can help drivers spot your cat on the road.

    Generally speaking, an uncollared pet is treated differently than a collared one simply because they're more viewed as strays, rather than actual pets. All cats, even indoor cats should wear a collar. This is primarily for safety reasons and to keep your beloved pet safe. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, or one that may come in and out as it pleases, a collar can be lifesaving to your cat. There are multiple reasons for this. If your cat tends to roam around the neighborhood, someone who is unfamiliar with them may think that your cat is a stray if it does not have a collar on.

    The gloss reflective collar ensures that your pet is seen in the dark with car headlights. Designed with safety in mind it incorporates a break away buckle to enable your animal to get free if caught on an object.

    Some owners prefer their collar with a bell to reduce their chances of catching birds and wildlife.

    Increasing visibility. Collars with reflective strips can help cats that are out in the dark be seen, especially if they are crossing a road.

    Not only can these be used on cats, but you can also use it on a small dog as well.

    • Made of high quality soft but sturdy nylon, each collar is comfortable to wear and designed to last. This makes the product a great choice for any pet.
    • Variety: 11 stunning colours to choose from. Reflective cat collars with bright colours help you find your pet outdoors after dark and it helps make your pet visible to cars on the road or your flashlight when you're out searching for them for added safety.
    • Collar is suitable for every phase of their life, from kitten / pup to older. The size of the collars are adjustable from seven to eleven inches. Approx 19 - 32cm.
    • The bell that is attached to the collar is not too loud, but just enough so that you will be able to hear your cat wherever they are in the house.
    • Safety: Powerful safety buckle, easy to open and close. The secure opening of the adjustable collar ensures that your pet is safe in all conditions.

    A cat collar should fit comfortably, but make sure you can fit two fingers between collar and neck. Examine the collar from time to time for wear and tear and replace if damage occurs.


    Durability. When we purchase anything, we want it to be durable and last for years to come. The same thing goes for cat collars. You want to invest in one that will grow with your cat from kitten to full-grown cat. There are plenty of different varieties of cat collars out there, but some of them come made with cheap materials that will easily break on you. What is worse is that if it is a cheaply made collar, it can fall off of your cat at any given time. This is especially troubling for those who have outdoor cats because if a cat does not have a collar with some kind of identifier on it, some towns will take them directly to the pound. So it is especially important to invest in a collar that is durable and made with high-quality materials. Your cat will thank you for it.


    Comfort. None of us want to see our pets uncomfortable or in any kind of distress. Certain collars may aggravate your cat, and you may need to purchase a new and different collar. Perhaps one that is made with a different material that your cat will find more comfortable. There are many different materials that are used to create collars. Some of them include leather, nylon, velvet, and cotton. This is a matter of trial and error, though. If your cat is not happy with their current collar, you can look into purchasing a different collar for them and see how it goes and how they like it.


    Because it is a foreign object around their neck, cats may not like to wear a collar at first. They might even fight you when you try to put it on them for the first time. Once it is on, they may even scratch and paw at it to try and get it off of their neck. However, with diligence in comforting your cat and distracting them from the collar, you can help them become accustomed to the collar. Eventually, they will get used to it and won’t even realize that it is there. It just takes time and patience on both you and your kitty’s end to get used to it.


    Design. Believe it or not, but the design of a collar can make all the difference in the world for a cat. For example, if your cat roams around the great outdoors, the last thing anybody wants is to find out that their pet was hit by a moving vehicle. This is where the design of the collar comes in. Many companies make collars that are bright and bold so that motorists can see them and avoid them. Thats why we favor the reflective cat collars, which are made especially for high-visibility in the nighttime.

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