Root Chakra Singing Bowl Set

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  • Root Chakra Singing Bowl Set

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    Dimensions: 8x8x5 (cm)

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    Brass. Made in India

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    Chakra Singing Bowl Gift Set: Root / Support Chakra

    The root chakra is the first chakra and it is located at the base of the spine. It provides a foundation on which we build our life. It supports us in growing and feeling safe while exploring all the aspects of life. It relates to our feeling of safety and survival.

    Its function is survival and grounding.

    Its inner state is stillness and stability. The root chakra is where we ground ourselves to the earth and anchor our energy into the world.

    It is represented by the colour red and its symbol is a circle with four petals and with a square and downward pointing triange.

    Its planets are Earth and Saturn. Its stones are Garner, Ruby, Onyx, Obsidian.

    Meditation on am.

    Balancing this chakra gives energy to the physical body, control fear, increases overall health and helps in grounding.

    About Singing Bowls

    Ring up some enchanting frequencies with this beautiful set.

    Singing bowls have been used in religious and shamanic practices for well over 1500 years and have been associated with Buddhism since the 8th centrury A.D. Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke deep state of relaxation naturally, assisting one in entering into meditation, the ultimate goal of enlightenment. In recent years singing bowls have been used in holistic healing, chakra healing, sound therapy, reiki and fengshui.

    A singing bowl is played by resting the bowl on the flat of the hand and rotating the stick around the outside rim of the bowl.

    The Perfect Chakra Gift. Use the wood end of the stick to make the bowl sing. A gift that will make someone more than happy - bringing a little extra inner calm.

    Frequencies of the sound are different between our Chakra singing bowls. The base tone is unchanged, but the wave sound differs.

    Singing bowls are really a type of bell, the sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound. Slightly tricky to master, but train yourself and you will be enchanted.

    great gift idea   sound therapy   vegan product

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