Orange Sacral Chakra Candles: Creativity

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  • Orange Sacral Chakra Candles: Creativity



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    Box: 16 x 7.5 x 2.5cm Candles: H:12 x D:1.2cm Burning time: 90 minutes

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    Soy Wax

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    About this item

    Ignite Your Creativity with Orange Sacral Chakra Candles!

    Unleash your inner artist and awaken your creative spirit with Orange Sacral Chakra Candles. These vibrant candles are infused with the energy of the sacral chakra, known to govern creativity, passion, and joy.

    Orange candles are used in spells for courage, stimulation, and attraction. They promote positive thinking, justice, courage, and change. Manifest Magic Candle as a potent tool, igniting desires and elevating spiritual journeys.

    Embrace the Power of Orange:

    • Color Psychology: The vibrant orange hue stimulates the mind and emotions, fostering a sense of playfulness and inspiration.
    • Sacral Chakra Alignment: Balanced sacral chakra energy promotes self-expression, artistic flow, and a zest for life.

    With a burning time of 90 minutes, these 12 orange candles will brighten up your space (and possibly your spirit)! Save time and money by not having to constantly repurchase candles for your self-care rituals. So sit back, relax, and let the warm glow of these candles soothe your soul.

    Brighten up your home with these lively orange candles! They burn for a full 90 minutes, perfect for setting the tone during your daily meditation or manifestation sessions. These candles are also perfect for spellwork and adding to your pagan, occult, or wiccan ceremonies.

    Experience the Creative Spark:

    • Set the Mood: Light an Orange Sacral Chakra Candle to create a stimulating ambiance for your artistic endeavors, whether it's painting, writing, music, or any other creative pursuit.
    • Enhanced Focus: Allow the candle's flame and aroma to guide you into a state of focused concentration, allowing your creative ideas to flow freely.
    • Emotional Balance: The sacral chakra's influence can help manage creative blockages and emotional resistances, fostering a positive and open mindset for creative exploration.

    If you’re doing candle magic and looking to improve energy, spark joy, and initiate quick, positive action, the orange candle is the best candle color for this intention. They’re best to burn on Sundays or during the holidays of Samhain, Lammas, and Mabon. Light it to reconnect with your roots, summon inner fortitude, and establish a solid life foundation.

    Manifest Magic Candle as a potent tool, igniting desires and elevating spiritual journeys. Ritual candles are an important tool for many witches, spell casters, and spiritualists. Also known as chime candles, these tend to be narrower than and shorter than taper candles. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as spells, manifestations, witchcraft, spirituality, and altars.

    Typically a caster will write down their intent on a piece of paper the same colour as the candle and burn the paper in a fire safe bowl. The candle needs to be burned completely for the spell to be completed. All of the spell candles are solid colour all the way through (not dipped).

    These candles, beautifully crafted and infused with intention, enhance meditation, spiritual practices, or create a serene, transformative ambiance. You can say your Intention out loud, write it down or recite it in your head, whatever feels natural and comfortable to you. Light up your candle, stare at the flame and send your intention into the light and crystals.

    Discover the Sacred / Sacral Chakra Candle, precision-crafted to anchor you in the physical realm. Its grounding energy fosters stability and security. Use it in meditation, spiritual practises or just as an energetically charged candle home decoration.

    The power of candles in meditative practices is well-known, and both kids and grown-ups can benefit from the calming aura of the flickering flame. Every moment of introspection sparks curiosity and is a great opportunity for prayer.

    The simplest candle magic ritual is to just envision your desire, speak a phrase, and spark the candle to unleash the power. Mission accomplished.

    Fire has been an ever-present force in human history, from prehistory onwards, across all cultures & continents. The act of lighting a candle, investing the candle with a wish, & seeing its flame burn as you feel that wish being released to the universe is a very simple kind of spell. We've probably all blown out the candles on a birthday cake at some point in our childhood & made a wish as we did. THAT was candle magic!

    Well, among other great things, orange candles have the power to bring energy, vitality, and courage.

    So go ahead and set the mood for your daily practice - your spirit and your space will thank you!

    These Orange Sacral Chakra Candles are perfect for:

    • Artists, writers, musicians, and all creative individuals.
    • Anyone seeking to overcome creative blocks and reignite their passion.
    • Those who want to create a stimulating and inspiring workspace.
    • People interested in chakra healing and balancing their sacral chakra energy.

    These candles are are great size for spell work when you need the candle to burn fully before the spell can end. When using candles for magic always use a new candle for each spell. Candles will hold the vibration from the last use. Begin by cleansing and charging the candle/s with your intention before any ritual to increase the effectiveness. This can be done purely with the intention but some choose to anoint the candles with special oils, blends, herbs or carve runes, words or symbols into the candle.

    Orange candles represent energy, creativity, success, and change. Lightning an orange candle can help boost your motivation and inspire you to go after your dreams, leading to positive change in your life. This can be especially helpful if you've been feeling burnt out, unmotivated, or unsure of your path.

    Light the candle while visualising what you wish to achieve. Sit and meditate on your goal while the candle is burning down. Once you feel intuitively that you are finished, snuff out the candle or sit with the candle until it has finished burning. PLEASE NOTE: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Please note: We supply the tools, you supply the magick.

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