Sacred Geometry - Platonic Solid Tshirt

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  • Sacred Geometry - Platonic Solid Tshirt

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    Mens Spiritually Inspired Summer Tshirt for Casual Wear, Yoga & Active Urban Lifestyles.

    The ancient Greek philosopher Plato c. 360 B.C. theorized that the classical elements of the world were made of these regular solids. The five Platonic Solids were thought to represent the five basic elements: earth, air, fire, water, and the universe.

    • The cube is associated with the earth, and reconnecting energy to nature.
    • The
    octahedron is associated with air, and cultivating acceptance and compassion.
    • The
    tetrahedron is associated with fire, and perpetuates balance and stability.
    • The
    icosahedron is associated with water, and enhances creative though and expression.
    • The
    dodecahedron is associated with the universe, and represents mystery and meditation. Plato stated that the dodecahedron was "used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven." The dodecahedron can be seen as representing the universe with the twelve zodiac signs corresponding to the twelve faces of the dodecahedron.


    These regular solids occur in areas such as chemistry, crystallography, mineralogy, oceanography, medical virology, cytology (the study of cells), geology, meteorology, astrology, electronics, and architecture, to name only a few. The Platonic solids can be described as forming the basis of all structure.

    5 platonic shapes: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Within these shapes are the elements of life (fire, earth, air, spirit and water), that make up our universe.

    Our sacred geometry clothing collection is inspired by symbolism in nature. Awaken your spirit with sacred geometry shirts.



    S: 100cm Chest / 70cm Length / 45cm shoulder / 167-172cm Height

    M: 106cm Chest / 73cm Length / 48cm Shoulder / 173-178cm Height

    L: 112cm Chest / 75cm Length / 51cm Shoulder / 179-185cm Height

    XL: 116cm Chest / 76cm Length / 53cm Shoulder / 186-190cm Height



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