Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Candles: Happiness

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  • Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Candles: Happiness



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    Key Information & Uses

    Yellow candles help you focus. Use a yellow candle to meditate deeply and more effectively. Yellow is a networker, a super connector, and a chatterbox! It enhances your networking and social skills, bringing in new career opportunities. (Try keeping a yellow candle on your desk—unlit—as a beacon for new opportunity)

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    Soy Wax

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    About this item

    If you are familiar with smudging to cleanse rooms of negative energies, you can light a yellow candle to clear negative energy. You can leave the candle in a room to burn all the way down. The best time of day for a yellow candle magic spell is between 12:00 and 1:00 pm when the sun is highest in the sky. For the best possible results for your spell, aim for Sunday or Wednesday.

    Pack of 12 Yellow Candles with a 90 minute burn time. These candles will have you glowing with happiness for an extended period of time! (Okay, 90 minutes.)

    Illuminate your living space with these vibrant yellow candles! Enjoy a lengthy 90 minute burn to set the mood for your daily meditation or manifestation practices. These candles are ideal for spell casting and incorporating into your pagan, occult, or wiccan rituals.

    The Magical Manifest Candle is a powerful tool for sparking desires and enhancing spiritual voyages. Ritual candles are a crucial instrument for numerous witches, practitioners of magic, and spiritualists. Sometimes referred to as chime candles, they are typically slimmer and shorter than taper candles. These can serve many purposes, including spells, manifestations, witchery, spirituality, and altars.

    Typically a caster will write down their intent on a piece of paper the same colour as the candle and burn the paper in a fire safe bowl. The candle needs to be burned completely for the spell to be completed. All of the spell candles are solid colour all the way through (not dipped).

    Ignite inner peace and radiate good vibes with our consciously made candles. Perfect for meditation, spiritual rituals, or just chillin' in a zen zone. Let your Intention be known aloud, on paper, or in your mind's eye - whichever floats your boat. Bathe in the glow of the flame and infuse it with your deepest desires, amplified by the power of crystals.

    Discover the Yellow Solar Plexus Ritual Happiness Candle, precision-crafted to anchor you in the physical realm.

    The power of candles in meditative practices is well-known, and both kids and grown-ups can benefit from the calming aura of the flickering flame. Every moment of introspection sparks curiosity and is a great opportunity for prayer.

    The simplest candle magic ritual is to just envision your desire, speak a phrase, and spark the candle to unleash the power. Mission accomplished. Its grounding energy fosters stability and security. Light it to reconnect with your roots, summon inner strength, and manifest a robust life foundation.

    Select the color of the candle with care. Opt for one that matches the essence of your goal, such as sunshine yellow for your job hunt.

    Throughout human history, fire has been a constant presence, spanning across all cultures and continents from prehistoric times. The simple act of lighting a candle, imbuing it with a wish, and watching its flame flicker as that wish is sent out to the universe is a type of spell that is easy to perform. Most likely, we've all blown out birthday candles at some point in our childhood and made a wish as we did. And that, my friends, is the magic of candles!

    These candles are are great size for spell work when you need the candle to burn fully before the spell can end. When using candles for magic always use a new candle for each spell. Candles will hold the vibration from the last use. Begin by cleansing and charging the candle/s with your intention before any ritual to increase the effectiveness. This can be done purely with the intention but some choose to anoint the candles with special oils, blends, herbs or carve runes, words or symbols into the candle.

    Light the candle while visualising what you wish to achieve. Sit and meditate on your goal while the candle is burning down. Once you feel intuitively that you are finished, snuff out the candle or sit with the candle until it has finished burning. PLEASE NOTE: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Please note: We supply the tools, you supply the magick.

    Box: 16 x 7.5 x 2.5cm Candles: H:12 x D:1.2cm Burning time: 90 minutes

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