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    Key Information & Uses

    Stroke Rehabilitation; Movement; Excersise; Physiotherapy

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    Synthetic materials

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    About this item

    Therapy putty is another popular hand therapy tool that can help improve fine motor coordination. Use it to practice therapy putty exercises to help improve your hand strength and range of motion. It is a fun and effective way to improve the strength and mobility of your fingers, hands, and forearms after an injury. An excellent addition to your rehabilitation routine, our therapy putty helps to improve your dexterity and motor control. Therapy Putty is perfect for targeting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and strengthening hands after nerve damage.

    Therapy putty is ideal for stroke rehabilitation exercises, as it provides simple yet practical resistance training. It helps improve fine motor skills and strengthens the hand muscles, which can facilitate the development of a robust and capable grip.

    With a sealable tub, our Therapy Putty is reusable and easy to use anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or on the go! The tubs are a great size to put in your travel and gym bag!

    Our therapy putty is available in 4 different colour-coded resistances to suit all stages of rehabilitation: yellow (extra soft), red (soft), green (medium), and blue (firm). Meglio has been designed to be nontoxic, clean and non-oily putty.

    Extra Soft and Soft is a great choice if strength or recovery is needed after an recent surgery.

    Medium resistance hand putty targets aches and pains which is causing you slight discomfort throughout the day

    Firm offers the best resistance for increase grip strength.


    Example Excersises:

    Fingertip Pinch

    Roll your putty into a ball, pinch it using your thumb and finger tips. Squeeze slowly

    Finger Adduction (Scissors)

    Take a one inch diameter ball of putty and place it between your fingers squeeze fingers together.

    Full Grip

    Form a Cylinder shape with the putty, Squeeze the putty with all four fingers.

    Finger Spread

    Take your putty, stretch it out, and wrap it around two fingers to form a Donut shape. Then spread your fingers apart.



    • Four strength variations & non-toxic hand therapy putty
    • Ideal for rehabilitation: Perfect for stretching, pinching, twisting and gripping
    • Bleed-proof formula helps keep the skin clean without sticking, It is latex free and leaves no oil, residual colour or fragments on the hands.
    • Helps to improve strength in hands: designed to meet a wide range of strengthening applications for hands, wrists or feet suitable for adults and children
    • Suitable for adults and children (supervised)
    • Can help improve function in hands and fingers
    • Use as directed by therapist

    Note: Colours vary according to strength - 57g travel tub

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