Green Healing Spell Candles

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  • Green Healing Spell Candles



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    Key Information & Uses

    Box of 10. Size of one candle: 12.5x1cm

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    Ingredients / Materials Used

    Parrafin Wax

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    About this item

    Green candles are often used in healing rituals and ceremonies. This colour is also associated with restoring balance, harmony, and related to the heart chakra.

    Green ritual candles can be used for spiritual and emotional healing as well as helping you focus on your physical health. A set of 10 green candles for use in healing rituals. Candle magic is one of the simplest methods to support the manifestation of intention or will.

    Choose candle colors that reflect your vision (such as green if you want to manifest wealth). Speak, sing, or chant your desire, and then light the candle. Read the flames to see if the spell was successful: if the flame is tall, the spell worked, but if it goes out, you may need to try again later.

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